What our students are saying...

We know a study abroad can be a big decision. Many of our students are happy to share a bit about their experience with you. If you would like to speak to a prior CARES student, please send a request through Contacts and we'll be happy to provide their information.


Paige Christiana Pre-Vet Junior 

The most amazing 4 weeks ever! I am so glad I got to be a part of CARES - it is an experience I will never forget. The things I learned and observed will stay with me always, and are great additions to my resume that help me stand out. I also feel that by doing this program it has helped me become more comfortable in a clinical environment. Dr. Rubin emphasized certain skills that we will be able to utilize in the future - for example learning to recognize important/abnormal clinical signs on animals that you can’t always be “hands on” with by performing hands off exams (Dr. Rubin is a pro at this & a great teacher!), practicing suturing, and so much more. Overall this program has helped me to build more confidence as I begin my application for vet school! Thank you to all the CARES team & Dr. Rubin for making it all happen. Pura Vida!


Stephanie Burr 2nd Year Vet Student

CARES was hands down one of my favorite veterinary experiences that I have participated in, and was truly a very unique experience. As a veterinary student who wants to work in wildlife rehabilitation, I can definitely say this has been one of the most beneficial programs I have participated in. There were so many opportunities to work on wildlife handling and clinical skills, as well as to learn about different treatment methods and procedures used in “jungle medicine”. Dr. C was an amazing mentor, she really helped me hone in on my clinical skills, and encouraged us students to learn from each other, which truly broadened my knowledge and experience. Dr. C would also take the time to help us work through cases ourselves so that we be more involved in the case and gain experience acting as the clinician. Overall CARES was an amazing experience like none other and I would highly recommend it. 

Skylar Pepper Gap Year

I highly recommend this program to anyone who is seriously interested in veterinary medicine and is wanting to learn about another side of the career. I went to Costa Rica not knowing what to expect and came back with an unbelievable, once in a lifetime experience. Wildlife and conservation medicine is unlike any other field of veterinary medicine and it has truly captured my heart thanks to Dr. Rubin's guidance and knowledge and the wonderful people I had the honor to meet and work with during my externship. I got to learn the different concepts behind wildlife medicine and the difficult decisions that are made for the welfare of the animals that come in. I got to experience how important conservation, rehabilitation, and reintroduction are and about the dedication the people involved have. This experience has opened my eyes to, not only this side of veterinary medicine, but also to different cultures and people. I learned so much from this program and feel better prepared for my future in veterinary medicine because of it.

Thank you for everything. I came out of this program with knowledge that I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else or from anyone better. This experience really broadened my horizon
— personal message to Dr. Rubin



Elizabeth Works 3rd Year Vet Student Clinical Rotation

The CARES Project is an invaluable experience for any vet student or prevet student interested in pursuing a career in conservation veterinary medicine or wildlife rehabilitation. The opportunities to learn and engage in a newly emerging field of veterinary medicine are endless within this program. Over my four-week externship period, I was exposed to new species, treatment methods, and ways of approaching patients and cases that I would never have been able to experience in any other setting. The CARES Project took the basics of a clinical rotation and used it as a framework that challenged me to rethink patient diagnostics and treatment within the context of conservation and rehabilitation. Learning to clinically apply this new frame of reference forced me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to be creative when problem solving. In addition to providing incredible opportunities to improve technical skills and “jungle medicine” experience, the program also emphasized the importance of understanding conservation medicine, the role of veterinarians in conservation efforts, and wildlife release criteria. Thanks to Dr. Rubin and the wonderful instructors, I learned more in my four weeks than I have ever learned in any class. I honestly believe that the skills and knowledge that I gained during my externship are entirely unique to this program and will be both applicable and beneficial to all aspects of my veterinary career. I am incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity to learn in an environment with such endless opportunities and would encourage anyone even considering a career involving wildlife veterinary medicine to apply for the program.

Roques Mayhall Pre-Vet Senior

My four weeks here were some of the best and most educational of my life. CARES project really gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of conservation medicine and get up close and personal with the animals you are working to save. I met amazing people and learned so much about conservation and myself. I would recommend this experience to anyone looking to further their veterinary knowledge!