CARES Project Veterinary Intern

You will work closely with the veterinarians as part of the core CARES Project team. This is a longterm arrangement May to August, that allows you much more experience in conservation medicine, clinical skills, and leadership as part of the organization. The intern acts as the student-staff liaison, and facilitates logistics of the group.

If you are interested in spending your 2020 Summer as a student leader in the veterinary program feel free to contact us for more information. The application process requires completing the application, indicating “Yes” to the intern position in the appropriate field.

Cost: Is essentially a cost-share with CARES Project. The fee to the student is the same as the two-week externship program ($3750), however it includes 3 months of room and board and all CARES activities and transportation during the program. It does not include airfare or travel to Bocas del Toro.

Absolutely Required:

Veterinary Student (an advanced Pre-vet/Gap-year student with clinical experience may be considered)

Consistently positive attitude, professionalism, and emotional stability

Flexibility (we are in a developing country, in a rainforest, and working in vet med, this is key!)

Enthusiasm for ecosystem health

Ability to be an organizer of people and activities, and an extrovert (at least for extended periods)

Independence, leadership, detail-oriented, and punctuality

Optimal but not required:

Prior travel, especially to Central America or a developing country

Experience as a vet tech or vet assistant

Some Spanish language ability

Able to perform some internet admin once accepted until the start of the program in May, potentially attend one weekend conference in March paid for by CARES Project