CARES Project

A hands-on veterinary externship on the front lines of conservation and international health, providing an adventure in education.

Announcing this year in Panama! nestled in a tropical rainforest jungle and Caribbean coast archipelago.

  • Perform treatments as part of our mobile veterinary clinic in indigenous villages...large, small, and wild animals!

  • Visit the only island in the world home to the endangered Pygmy Sloth.

  • A monkey sanctuary hosting 5 species of native primates, is in need of our veterinary care! Ever heard of the night monkey?

  • Participate with scientists at the world's leading institution in international sea turtle field research.

  • Snorkel in a coastline full of giant pink starfish in the pristine waters of the Caribbean.

  • Enjoy the academic benefits of building an application or CV by working with AVMA*-accredited and Panamanian veterinarians, and PhD-level researchers on empirically-based conservation projects. *American Veterinary Medical Association

  • Students pursuing a veterinary career need exposure to be successful, make career decisions, and enhance their background knowledge. For this reason we are expanding this year to collaborate with additional credentialed educators, and of course, bring you varied experiences, applications of skills, and tropical species!

Summer sessions run May 12-August 18, 2019 more details coming soon

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Discover the home of CARES in Panama:


There are not enough superlatives to describe the CARES Project and my experience there. I met and worked with amazing people who became dear friends and learned how to care for animals who I would otherwise have never encountered. Each student will have a unique experience because the demands of the environment will be different, but I can assure you, it will be no less amazing.



Anna Kristina Hugel
Gap Year Student
Loyola University
Update: Accepted to LSU Vet School

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 7.21.26 PM.png

A local tourist town in Costa Rica is observing a health problem in their native monkeys. CARES Project, veterinary externship program, is helping combat the problem. A Costa Rican TV documentary, La Nave Animal, comes to feature the story.